Yamaha tenor sax for sale

At Vento Strumenti we have a wide range of Yamaha Tenor saxophones on offer to players of all styles and experience, from beginners to more advanced levels.

The Yamaha tenor saxophone is a musical instrument made by Yamaha Corporation. It is a type of saxophone that is typically used in jazz, pop, and classical music. Yamaha is known for producing high-quality instruments with a bright, focused tone and good projection.

Tenor saxophones are larger than alto saxophones but smaller than baritone saxophones, and are usually played with a single-reed mouthpiece. I guess you are reading this because you are looking to buy a Yamaha tenor sax? We have them for sale but it is important to know exactly which kind of saxophone you need.

The Yamaha tenor saxophone is widely regarded as one of the best saxophones in its price range. It features a high-fidelity construction with a durable and attractive finish. Yamaha offers several models of tenor saxophones, each with slightly different features and specifications to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Some Yamaha tenor saxophones have a curved neck for increased comfort and improved intonation, and some models have a detachable bell for easy transportation. Additionally, Yamaha offers a range of accessories and mouthpieces specifically designed for their tenor saxophones, further enhancing the overall playing experience. Interestingly, we have all the different types of Yamaha tenor saxes for sale.

Types of Yamaha Tenor Saxophones

Yamaha YTS-62: This is a professional level tenor saxophone designed for experienced players who demand the best in sound, projection, and playability. It is known for its bright and powerful sound, making it ideal for playing  jazz and classical music.

Yamaha YTS-82Z: This is a high-end professional model designed for serious saxophonists who require a powerful sound and excellent projection. It is made with top-of-the-line materials and features  customized keys that provide a smooth and responsive playing experience.

Yamaha YTS-475: This is a beginner to intermediate level tenor saxophone that is designed for students and hobbyists. It has a warm and balanced sound and is built with quality materials, making it a great choice for those just starting out or those who play for fun.

Yamaha YTS-480: This model is a step up from the YTS-475 and is designed for advancing players who are looking for a more professional sound and improved keywork. It offers a higher level of playability and a brighter sound compared to the YTS-475.

Yamaha YTS-23: This is a beginner level tenor saxophone designed for students and those who are new to the saxophone. It has a warm and mellow sound and is built with quality materials, making it a great choice for those just starting out.

So, which of these types of Yamaha tenor saxophone are you interested in buying? Note that your proficiency level and budget are pertinent indicators. Please note that all the Yamaha tenor saxophones are available for sale and you can check all the Yamaha tenor saxes for sale here.